Relax on the beach, pumping yourself with a massage and a delicious cocktail. Relax, forget about the madness of the day to day life. That is the main activity at Bawe Tropical Island.

Nearby the islands, discover mythical treasures:

Day trips to Zanzibar Stone Town are the perfect chance to discover the Swahili culture, a happy mix of Africa, and Arabia. Explore the winding narrow streets of Stone Town, classified as World Cultural Heritage, with ancient buildings, superb balconies, amazing sculptured doors, mosques, palaces and Livingstone’s House, among many other remarkable features.

Spend a day at Bawe’s sister island, Prison Island, which is a contemporary style’ island resort for nature lovers, with a tortoise sanctuary for the Giant Aldabra Tortoises and artfully restored 19th century colonial buildings.

This once upon a time’ Quarantine Island was formerly owned by an Arab and used as a private place of detention for slaves. It was bought by General Mathews and the jail (recently fully restored) was built in 1893 as a central prison in Zanzibar. It was however never utilized as such. The island was later on the quarantine station for Zanzibar, Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika territories. There are small gazelles in the bush and birds and fauna which are not to be seen other parts of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is one of those places people dream of, well before they have ever visited them. This magic yet real archipelago is worldwide known for its abundant variety of exotic species and seafood delicacies found in the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean.

Lying off 5 miles Zanzibar mythical Stone Town, Bawe is truly a dream island, a slice of pure happiness; everything is easy here, in this natural paradise between sea, sun and sky… Fresh fish and seafood, “catch of the day” that the local fishermen will bring right up to you when lying on your beach bed, will meet the dreams of the most demanding gourmets… Ask the chef how you’d like it, and just enjoy it.
If you prefer international cuisine, just ask; no worries. Problems do not exist here.

Lie on the beach, relax … time isn’t important in this island. Forget about time while enjoying the warm waters of the Indian Ocean whilst having a cold drink in the drift wood hippy bar, the Robinson Crusoe, on the beach…

… Witness the magic African sunset with delicious cocktails at the Sunset deck, or dream about staying here forever, far from the madding hectic life, under the stars, at the Baobab Deck.